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Treasure is an adventurous kitten, and is Ariel's pet. She's voiced by Stephanie Sheh.


She's a red kitten with cream coloring on her face, chest, and stomach. Slightly loose fur is on each cheek, along with a pale pink blush. Her nose is dark pink, while her inner-ear is cream. She has cerulean eyes. She has a single thick forelock curling to the side, along with a thick very curled tail held with a glittering purple leaf ornament. She wears a silver crown with a clam shape in the center, accented with a purple gem. Her silver collar matches it.


Treasure is a curious kitten from the high seas with beautiful red fur. Unlike most kitties, she loves to swim, and she always smells like the freshest sea breeze. Ariel and Treasure met during a trip aboard Prince Eric's sailing ship. The kitty adored the ocean, but had always dreamed of life in a grand castle. When the group reached the harbor, the adventurous kitten followed Ariel home. The sea-loving friends have been together ever since!