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Taj is a lilac baby Asian Elephant with brown eyes owned by Princess Jasmine.

He is voiced by Carlos Alazraqui.


Jasmine first met him in the Palace Gardens. The little elephant had hidden so well behind the fountain that it took her a long time to find him. Now, Taj and Jasmine play hide and seek together all day, and she rewards him with juicy mangoes.


Taj is a lilac elephant with brown eyes and purple eyebrows. His inner-ear is a peach color. He has a thin tail with a white puff on the end. He wears a turquoise head piece lined in gold with a single dangle piece at the center, a mauve feather on top and a turquoise gem above. He wears a gold collar, a purple blanket lined in gold on his back and a turquoise bow on his tail.


For such a big creature, Taj is generally quiet and gentle. He is smart and shows a creative side when it comes to hiding.