"I Don't Understand, I used to be great at hiding" - Taj, Where's Taj

Taj is a baby elephant. He is owned by Princess Jasmine. Taj met Jasmine at the palace gardens, Now they play hide and seek together. Not all the time cause Taj goes to Whisker Haven. he is voiced by Carlos Araqozi. In Whisker Haven Tales, he is voiced by Gabe Eggerling. He will be added to the Whisker Haven app with Macaron and Brie.


Taj is a grey elephant with pink accents and blue feet. He wears a teal hat, a indigo saddle and gold jewelry.


Taj is handsome, charming, and playful.

Friends Edit


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis
  • Whisker Haven Glitter Pets
  • Pet and Princess
  • Wig and Style


  • early Flying High Tea
  • Hearts Hooves Eggs!
  • The Masquerade
  • Buddies Day
  • Where's Taj?
  • Whoop de do!
  • Treasure's Island
  • Winter in Whisker Haven (Cameo)


  • Taj, Snowpaws, and Otto are the only palace pets wearing hats.
  • He appears in various episodes.
  • It is unknown how Taj got pink toes.


The Whisker Haven PlayEdit

Taj is one of the Pets who participate in the play, being One of the Royal Guards, with the Other One being Veanna. During Practice, He sits on Fern. He refuses to Apollajize because She took his Teddy, but Petite forces him to.

WHM10:Lost on PawcationEdit

Otto asks Taj to Give Skyla an Example by Ordering a sandwich with Lapis and Nyle. Once Berry gives them the Meal, Taj Eats It.

He is later seen Trumpeting in Kate's Face, Putting Her in Mud.


The Whisker Haven PlayEdit

  • "Can I Be One of the Guards?"
  • "That's What You Get for Stealing my Teddy!"
  • "Sorry Fern."
  • "Veanna, Now!"

WHM10: Lost on PawcationEdit

  • "Sure!"