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Summer is a spunky kitty found by Rapunzel one day, all dirty with matted fur. But with some love and affection, Summer was cleaned up and Rapunzel gained a new best friend.

She is voiced by Colleen O'Shaughnessey.


Summer is a golden kitten with big forest green eyes and lighter yellow coloring around her mouth and paws. Her nose is pink, while pale pink blush adorns her cheeks and her inner-ear is dark pink. Her long hair is worn in a ponytail and reaches the ground with a slight curl, adorned with pink and purple flowers. Her bangs are mostly pulled back except for one thick forelock. Her tail is much smaller and has tiny flowers on it.

Summer wears a gold gem tiara, as well as a pearl necklace with a purple stone that has a pink flower attached to it. Her tail is worn with a glittering pink ribbon.