"Wilee Ebra! - Stripes' catchphrase

Stripes is Jasmine's new pet zebra who was found at Sultan's party. He is voiced by Annie Award nomine, Alexander Garfin. In Whisker Haven Tales, He is voiced by Dusan Brown.Quotes: After getting ready, can we be friends? Getting Bathed:Brr! This is cold! Getting Dried:Neigh! Being Brushed: This is the life! Eating a hay sandwich: My Favorite! Eating a Carrot: I love it! Eating grass: Tastes Good! Eating an apple: Thank You, My Friend! Thinking About Getting Dressed: I need a good outfit to pal around with my new friends! Getting Dressed: Now I must go to one of my friend's parties. Goodbye!. He will be added to the Royal Salon App with Thistleblossom, Snowpaws, Olive and Sandy Pearl in August 15 2016


Stripes is a lilac zebra with purple hair and a minty green tail. He wears am agents crown pink earrings a magenta necklace and a hot pink Featherbow.


He loves to pal around with all of his friends.


  • Furry Tail Friends


  • Helping Hooves
  • Whoop De Do! (Cameo)


  • In Whisker Haven Tales, He wears a actual bow.
  • In the app, Stripes is wearing alternate assessories, he wears the same headress as Sultan, a blue bow tie, and a blue bow in his tail.
  • He has not been added to Whisker Haven App yet.
  • He is seen with Brooke a lot, they later have a daughter