"It's argalia!" - Snowpaws' Catchphrase.
Snowpaws by unicornsmile-d9schyd

Snowpaws is Mulan's new Leopard. They met when the little leopard was hidden under a snow sculpture and Milan noticed it. She is voiced by Kate Dillon Levi. She will be voiced by Francesca Capaldi in Whisker Haven Tales.


Snowpaws is a lilac-white colored leopard with blue spots and a pink tail. She has no pawmark. Snowpaws wears a purple hat, a necklace, and a blue flower on her tail.


Snowpaws loves to show off her art.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis
  • Art Gallery


  • Winter in Whisker Haven
  • All Movie Expect The 5th (Despite Neneko's Appearance)


  • She will be added to the whisker haven app.
  • In The Toys, Her pawmark is green.
  • She will be added to the Royal Salon App with Sandy Pearl, Thistleblossom and Stripes.
  • She is a good singer.
  • As a singer, she sounds like an adult.

Whisker Haven QuotesEdit

  • You look like art!
  • C'mon, let's paint!


  • That's what I call, Treata Lisa!
  • Thank You!

(Playing Ball)

  • I'm a glass picture, and you're breaking me!

(Taking a bath)

  • Brr!


  • Paint, Paint! And, Snores!

(Dressing Up)

  • I never looked like Mulan before!

(Playing with Friends)

  • Someone just painted Mud!

App QuotesEdit

  • Ahem, I am Snowpaws!
  • Make me look like Mulan!
  • I need some dazzling time!

(Getting Bathed)

  • I sure love the bubbles!
  • Sorry, your bubbles make me create sleepiness! (Yawns), Just Kidding!

(Getting Groomed)

  • Maybe a little brushing will craze me right up!
  • Growl!


  • Treat Time!
  • (Eating a Fish/Shell): Well,I would like more!
  • (Eating a Meat/Gummy): That's all, craft lover!

(Dressing Up)

  • Fabulous Choices!
  • (Gasp) I look Beautiful!


Quotes Edit

  • Winter in Whisker Haven
  • "A Tiger Kissing a Sea Cat, Huh!"

"What's taking Petite so long to Pack!?" "Berry?" "Oh, Nyle, Nyle, Nyle." "Hey, I'm Watching You, Like a hawk, TREASURE!"

  • Flora's Broken Heart
  • "Flora, What's Wrong?"

"I Understand, I never liked Treasure anyway!" "Sniffle, I'm Breaking Up with You!" "Yay, You Are Together!"

  • The Revenge Of The Villain Pets
  • "Give me back my little sister!"