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Slipper is a plump Persian kitten owned by Cinderella. Slipper is voiced by Kathleen Barr.


Cinderella has always adored this pretty kitty when she found her at the royal tailor's shop. She's got a wonderful talent: finding pretty objects that Cinderella uses to create pretty jewels. That's why the princess is fond of repeating "She's my hidden Gem!"


She is a pale blue tint cat with fluffy thick fur and bright blue eyes. She has a white muzzle and pale pink nose to match her inner-ear. Her small tuft of hair on top of her head is lighter in hue, matching her very thick, curled tail. Her blue paw mark is on her right hip. She wears a silver carriage tiara with two small blue stones surrounding an oval crystal gem, along with a pearl necklace with a blue sphere depicting the glass slipper, and a glittering blue ribbon for her tail.


Slipper loves sparkly, shiny objects of all sorts!