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Seashell is a sweet, clumsy and spirited pony who belongs to Ariel. Seashell was a seahorse who met Ariel one day while she was out swimming. Ariel was quick to realize her dreams and called upon her father for help. Since then the two have been inseparable - whether on land or in the sea.

Seashell is voiced by Jessica Straus.


Seashell is a lilac pony with shiny lilac hooves, violet inner-ear coloring, and bright, blue eyes. She has a long red mane that curls slightly nearing the bottom with one very long bang that curls across her forehead, while her tail is very long and thick.

She wears a metallic lavender harness piece, a shiny light green necklace with a big circled piece in the center with a lilac seashell on it, a leafy seaweed saddle with curly vine designs, and a glittering four-piece leaf tail ornament for her tail. On her head she wears a purple crown with a giant light green gem in the middle.


Kind of clumsy, Seashell is a funny little sweetie who is full of spirit and a talent with swimming and a love of seashells. As a seahorse, she had big dreams of one day coming to land to run in a meadow. She loves her new land-legs, seashell tiara, running on land, and carriage rides.