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Rouge is Belle's pale pink kitten with dark green eyes and a pink nose.


Belle met her when Rouge was found outside the Castle Library. Belle loved her so much she decided to keep her forever. Rouge loves listening and reading stories about far off lands and also enjoys visits to Maurice's messy invention room.


She's a pale pink kitten with a dark pink paw mark on her left hip, dark green eyes, and pale gold inner-ear. Her nose is pink to match her neatly brushed hair, which is pulled into a low ponytail held with a dark pink bow. Her fluffy, slightly wavy tail is blonde, held with a glittering dark pink ribbon. Around her neck is fluffy blonde fur. She wears a gold pearl necklace with a large pink stone, along with an ornate gold tiara with a rose designed on it, along with three purple diamond-shaped gems.


Rouge is very curious.