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Petit is an elegant pony who belongs to Belle. She's voiced by Stephanie Sheh


She's a bronze pony with white muzzle and hooves. Her light olive eyes are accented with thin lashes, while her inner-ear's pink. Her gold paw mark's on her shoulder. She has a medium-length, slightly wavy mane of frosted pink with her bangs brushed past her ears. Her thin, wavy tail's held with a glittering gold bow. She wears a gold harness, earrings, and necklace adorned with a hot pink flower ornament. She has a small pink cape bunched on each side with a button on her back.


Belle met Petit on a freezing day at the frozen lake.


Petit loves to read books. But sometimes, Petit lets it all loose and goes on adventures. She has the same hairstyle like Belle. Like her owner, she is smart. She's an adventurous horse with a strong-will to match. She is full of energy but she lacks an easy-going temperament and can have a little attitude now and then. She respects no one other then Belle; to the point that her favorite thing is to make sure she looks nice for Belle and she will only allow herself to be ridden by her.