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Nyle is a playful, but naughty monkey who belongs to Jasmine.


Nyle was found one day when Jasmine was out buying spices with Aladdin. He jumped out of a vase and began to tease Abu, causing them to start chasing each other. As Jasmine realized that Nyle only misbehaved for attention she decided to bring him back to the Palace to make some friends. Now Abu and he play together every day, and even prank Sultan - but luckily, he cares for them a lot.


Nyle is a dull blue monkey with pale blue face, ears, paws, and a thin, wispy tail held with a gold bow. His inner-ear is soft pink, and his eyes are brown. He wears a gold crown and necklace, both accented with a blue gem.


A naughty monkey with a big heart. He loves to pull pranks on others.


  • Buddies Day