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Nuzzles is a shy fox, who belongs to Aurora. The fox cub was a gift from the good fairies.

She is voiced by Nancy Cartwright.


Nuzzles is an orange colored red fox pup. Her inner-ear, eye marks, and body are a pale gold color, while the fur around her chest and muzzle are a paler color. She has a light brown nose and light purple eyes. She has a single thick curl at the center of her head and a big puffy pale pink tail.  She wears a giant hot pink sequined bow on her tail, a gold tiara with two small magenta gems and a giant heart gem in the center, and a pale pink pearl necklace with a pink gem medallion attached to it with a crown in the center.


Nuzzles is known for being nervous. When she hears the loudest sound, Nuzzles runs off.