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Muffin is Snow White's helpful little puppy. Snow White met Muffin while the puppy was filing a cat's claws. Now, Muffin never forgets Snow White when she is at Whisker Haven. She is voiced by Cristena Vee.

Personality Edit

Muffin is sharing, caring, and loves to help other animals. Especially Critterzens. But after a day of daring rescues, Muffin can't wait for a helpful nap.

Merchandise Edit

  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis
  • Pawcation
  • Glitzy Glitter Friends


My City of SydneyEdit

After Ash failed the Audition, Muffin is seen videos on the internet while Sultan plays with his Yarn, Gleam sings while playing her guitar, and Macaron sleeps.

She notices the Holly's Helpline Commercial and sees Ash as a Hatchling and Shows It to the others.

As Ash decides to be in the Compitition, Muffin wears a Blue Cape like the others.

Muffin gets happy when she Sees Slipper Standing alongside Bayou, Windflower, and Meadow, but Then said only here for compition.

Later, Muffin watches Bayou's Mammal Only Group Sing The Badanamu song "Po Pow Pay" on stage.

When the other were about to give up, Muffin finds a Idea for a song. So they sang the Holly's Helpline Jingle and Won the Prize.

Ice Ice PoodleEdit