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Moonstar is a purple Swan with purple eyes and a pink beak who belongs to Aurora. She wears a gold tiara accented with a few pale pink gems and a gold necklace accented with a single magenta gem.


Dusk was falling over the forest when Moonstar fluffed up her feathers and started to practice her dance steps. Suddenly, she lost her balance and fell onto a bed of soft moss. "I'll never learn to dance like a real ballerina," she sighed. Fern the owl was watching Moonstar pull herself to her feet. "Don't stop because of a little fall," she urged. "I'll help you dance by casting my shadow on the ground where you should take each step." Moonstar followed Fern's instructions. Soon she was pirouetting and swaying with ease. While she danced, the fairies quietly called Aurora to the forest. She was very proud indeed of her little ballerina.