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Molasses is a pale blue pig with brown eyes and a blue nose who belongs to Snow White. He wears a gold crown with an apple shape carved into it, a red collar with a golden apple charm on it and a red bow on his tail.


He met Snow White in the royal kitchen when she was making a batch of candy as a special snack for the dwarfs. "Needs a little more sugar," she thought, tasting the red mixture. As she reached for the sugar, a little pig accidentally tipped over a bowl of apples and sent them tumbling into the candy mixture! Snow White quickly scooped the apples from the mixture and placed a lollipop stick in each one. As a sweet apple scent filled the kitchen, Snow White tasted one of the candy-coated apples. "What a delicious idea!" she laughed, taking another bite of the tasty treat! So, she thanked the little pig for creating a tasty idea as she gave him a tasty apple treat.