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Meadow is Rapunzel's sweet baby skunk.


With her shimmering fur and big green eyes, Meadow just may be the most beautiful skunk in the kingdom! Rapunzel and Flynn first saw her while strolling in the castle garden. Flynn tried to shoo Meadow away, But the princess stopped Flynn and scooped the cute little creature into her arms, Having spent so much time in the tower, Rapunzel didn't know anything about skunks!

Rapunzel immediately fell in love with Meadow, She loved her so much, She decided to adopt her, Now, Rapunzel and Meadow stroll around the palace every morning, Meadow just simply adores being royal and parading around the castle like a queen!


Meadow is a purple skunk with a lavender stripe across her body, She has a thick, massive, fluffy tail five times the size of her body that is rainbow colored and has pink bangs resembling Rapunzel's, She also has big green eyes and a pawprint on the side of her right leg, And as Meadow loves to wear accessories, She would be seen with flowers all over her tail and some on her hair, She wears a golden crown and would often have a small bow on her tail.


  • Meadow is the only skunk in Disney Princess palace pets.
  • She is the first Palace pet to have a rainbow tail and the 2nd one being Gleam.
  • She speaks with a royal accent (Even though she's only speaking that way because she wants to sound sophisticated).
  • She might be based on a polecat since there aren't any skunks in Germany. It might be true because Americans refer to polecats as skunks.