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Little Flower is a deer mouse who belongs to Pocahontas.
'''The Hearts & Stars Studio Agent''' is a minor character in [[WHM10: Lost on Pawcation]] and a very major character in the two part episode [[Family Ties]], in which she acts as an antagonist. She is an adult female snow leopard and the agent of [[Mimi Yuu]] and [[Pearl]]. She is voiced by Laura Post.
== Appearance ==
== Story ==
The Hearts & Stars Studio Agent is a female adult snow leopard, presumably in her 30's in Snow Leopard years. She is white with turquoise spots and ears, along with a pink nose, bearing a similar appearance to [[Snowpaws]], albeit much, much, much older. She wears turqoise eyeshadow along with mascara, far, far less makeup than the two popstars she is the agent for. She wears a turquoise scarf along with a matching bracelet as well, signifying wealth.
== Personality ==
She appears elegant, refined, polite, reserved, serious, and quiet at first to the pets, making her seem to be quite the normal agent. However, she later proves to have a greedy and somewhat selfish agenda behind her actions, profiting as much as she can off her young stars. She never allows them to see friends or family, as she believes they would convince them to quit and she and her company would deplete and become bankrupt, not caring about her clients thoughts or feelings, only her and the company's best interests. Near the end of the episode, she seems to be going insane from her greed, and literally imprisons Pearl to keep her from leaving again. She cooperates more with Mimi Yuu, as she never expressed any interest in leaving, unlike Pearl, and she fawns over her more, which, unfortunately, also shows she has a manipulative side to her personality as well. After being recorded by the pets in the end and having her true side revealed, her fate is unknown, though she presumably went bankrupt.
== Trivia ==
* It is possible she has NPD (Narccississtic Personality Disorder), which would explain her selfishness, disregard for her client's and the pet's feeling, her inflated sense of self-importance, and vanity.
* The first villain to appear kind at first.
* The first villain to be defeated through sabaotoge.
* She is about 33 snow leopard years old.
* The first villain to be a snow leopard.
* Her real name is Unknown, as she's only referred to as "Manager" and "Agent" and similar terms.
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Little Flower is a deer mouse who belongs to Pocahontas.