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Lily is a charming, jazz-kitty a sparkling purple coat. Lily met Tiana on stage on a evening. She lives in a box. She is voiced by Marieve Herington. In Whisker Haven Tales, She is voiced by Darielle Stewart. She will wake up in the new update from the Whisker Haven App and no longer be In App Purchase in Brie, Macaron, and Taj's update in a Back To School day.


Lily is a lilac city cat with purple makeup and tail. She has knots in her fur.

Lily wears a green tiara with a pink flower a flower shaped necklace and a frog-skinned bow.


Lily loves to sing dance and dress up.


  • Furry Tail Friends
  • Minis
  • Plushies
  • Glitzy Glitter Friends


Whisker Haven Qoutes

  • "You're music to my eyes!"


  • "A treat will spice up my day!"

(Playing Ball)

(Getting Bathed)

  • It will be nice to clean before the Jazz Show Tonight!

(Going to Sleep)

  • Prrr!

(Dressing Up)

  • Don't I look like a prrrretty purr former.
  • I'm a catching Catour!

(Playing with Friends)

  • Well you're as quick and slickly as I am!
  • I'm as quick as a junebug!