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Lapis is a pale blue pony, who belongs to Jasmine. She was voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown.


Jasmine was riding on magic carpet when she happened to spot her, and when she went to greet her, she hopped right onto the Magic Carpet.


Lapis is pale blue pony with almond-colored eyes accented with thick lashes. Her hooves are light blue to match her paw marking on her shoulder, while her inner-ear is pale pink. Her dark indigo mane and tail are very long, bound by glittering purple straps. Lapis wears a purple harness adorned with gold studs and a single, large blue diamond gem resting on a gold base. On her back is a cyan and gold cloth with small tassels hanging from it and a large, glittering lavender ribbon at her tail. On the top of her head is a gold tiara with two blue stones, one a large circle and the other a tiny droplet, with lavender shapes attached to it, along with a single pale blue feather.


Lapis is a very romantic pony and loves the night, that’s why she has always dreamed of flying among the brightest stars to gaze upon them; two of her most favorite of hobbies.


  • Lapis was named after the Lapis Lazuli gem.