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Keilani is a silver Flying fish with brown eyes who belongs to Moana. She wears a pearl necklace with a green obsidian in the center that resembles Moana's and a seaweed tail ornament.


A light mist was in the air as Keilani gazed dreamily at the sky. "I wish I could touch it," she said, trying to jump up to the sky. Suddenly, she spotted Moana sailing on the ocean. She waved her fins back and forth to get its attention. Slowly, Moana came down to greet her. "May I have a ride to the sky?" Keilani asked excitedly. Moana nodded. Keilani dipped below the water for a second, then jumped into the sky on a wave on Moana's command. Up, up, up she went to visit the sky. Just as she reached the sky, Keilani spread out her fins as the sunny sky shined on her silvery scales!


  • Keilani means "Sky" in Polynesian.