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Kaile’a is a Coral Red colored Flame angelfish with brown eyes and black stripes who belongs to Moana. She wears a pearl necklace with a green obsidian in the center that resembles Moana's and a seaweed tail ornament.


The waves were quiet and the sea was calm as a sweet melody filled the air. "Where's that music coming from?" Kaile’a the Angelfish wondered. She followed the sound to the ocean floor where Seaflower was playing the harp made out of seaweed. Kaile’a began to move to the music. She performed a spectacular water ballet, gracefully leaping and pirouetting to the music. "Bravo," shouted Moana, Gush, Urchin who had gathered to watch. At the end of the dance, Kaile’a gave a bouquet of pretty sea flowers which she proudly shared with Seaflower.


  • Kaile’a means "Joyful sea" in Polynesian.