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Drawing of glacier (credit goes to Snowlioness18)

Glacier is a valiant male, silvery-blue Arctic wolf pup with golden amber eyes and a black nose who belongs to Elsa.


Elsa found the little wolf puppy in the forest with a broken leg. Apparently he had fallen from a ledge after a patch of ice broke off. Elsa took the wolf home where she cared for him and tended to his injury. Finally when his leg had healed up, Elsa took him back to the forest and released him. However when she was trying to find her way back to Arendelle, she was attacked by an angry bear. When it seemed like there was no way out, the little wolf came to the rescue. He was following Elsa home the whole time! Despite his small size, he packed quite a punch and eventually, the bear decided to flee. The wolf pup ran up to Elsa and gave her a playful kiss. From that moment on, the two have been inseparable. Before she had even returned home with the pup, she came up with the perfect name for him: Glacier.


Glacier is an Arctic wolf pup with silvery-blue fur, with his ears a slightly darker shade of blue. His chest, belly, and paw tips are ice-silver. The insides of his ears are light pink, and his nose is a shiny black. His eyes are a golden-amber color and give off a charming, valiant look. He wears a royal blue collar with a tiny sapphire hanging from it, and he has a little crown made of ice which Elsa made with her ice magic, that can't melt in warm temperatures. He also wears a blue bow on his tail.


Glacier is playful, energetic, kind, loyal, and fearless. His bravery and loyalty are second only to that of Sultan's. He is willing to put his life on the line to protect the ones he cares about, and is always there for others when they need him. He loves playing with others (especially Elsa), chasing smaller animals, eating meat, howling at the moon, and of course, he especially loves the snow.