Diamond (weasel)


Diamond is a weasel who belongs to Snow White.


Diamond is a pale blue weasel with big, brown eyes and a blue nose. She wears a gold bow-shaped tiara with a diamond in the middle, a yellow tail bow, and a blue collar with a red heart on it.


The Seven Dwarfs had made a lovely necklace for Snow White with a heart shaped diamond on it. But when they presented the gift to the princess, the diamond was gone. What could have happened to it? But then, the funny weasel popped out with the gem in her mouth and came right up to Snow White to give it to her. Snow White laughed and asked the dwarfs if they could use the diamond to make something for her new friend. So, they made a cute, little tiara for Diamond to wear. Diamond loves sparkly jewels. But she loves Snow White even more.

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