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Daisy is a happy Maltese puppy who belongs to Rapunzel. She is voiced by Sandy Fox.


She was a gift from the pub thugs.


She is a very fun and energetic pooch! She loves to have her long ears and tail braided and adores flowers.


Daisy is a yellow Maltese dog with slightly lighter yellow muzzle and paws. Her eyes are green and her nose is pink. She has straight ears that come down to her shoulders and a single part of curled bangs, leaning towards the right. She also seems to have hair that sticks up like a mini-ponytail. Her tail is thick and curled near the end. Her crown is the basic three plate gold piece. Daisy is seen wearing much, other then a pink bow on her tail and ears, many 5 flowers strewn through her hair, and a pearl necklace with a pink-purple gem in the center.