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Cranberry Muffins is a red Melodious warbler with brown eyes and a yellow beak who belongs to Snow White. She wears a gold bow-shaped tiara with a ruby heart in the center, a yellow collar with a golden apple charm and a blue tail bow.


The Dwarfs were in bed with the sniffles. "I'll surprise them with muffins!" Snow White thought, opening her cookbook. "These cranberry muffins look delicious, but I have no cranberries," she said, glancing at a bowl of picked cranberries. They were picked by a warbler bird! Snow White quickly baked the muffins and brought them to the Dwarfs. The delicious small of cranberries filled the room as the delighted Dwarfs nibbled Snow White's scrumptious treat! Then she gave some muffin crumbs to the helpful bird for her help.


  • The Melodious warbler is a type of Reed Warbler bird.