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Caramel is a new pale red pig with pale green eyes and a pink nose for Cinderella.


She was found while Cinderella was cleaning up for an Easter party. Caramel tried to dipped apples into the caramel but she fell into it. Cinderella cleaned the pig when she spit out the caramel that she tried to clean up. Now the two plan parties all weeks and days and months and Caramel is rewarded with crispy and crunchy caramel chocolate.


Caramel is a pale red pig with pale green eyes and dark pink and pale pink bangs and tail and her ears are a pale pink and a pink nose and wears a pink headband with a large shimmery pink bow with a pink bracelet on her left leg and wears a pearl necklace with a glass slipper and a pink cape and hooves of pale pink and a glittery pink ribbon tied into a bow on her tail her pink pawprint is on her left leg.