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Boysenberry is a blue spotted skunk with lilac spots, brown eyes and a pink nose who belongs to Pocahontas. He wears a blue headdress with indigo, magenta and violet feathers, a greenish-blue necklace that resembles to Pocahontas's and a blue leafy tail ornament.


The delicious smell of boysenberries filled the air as Pocahontas placed the hot boysenberry dessert on the table to cool off. As a spotted skunk strolled past the table, he smelled the boysenberry scent in the air. Quietly, he reached up to take a piece of the pie. "That pie is too hot to eat, little guy, but I have another pie that has cooled. Please come and try it!" Pocahontas said to her new furry friend. The skunk happily skipped, where Pocahontas waited with a piece of pie for each of them to eat!