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Bibbidy is a very practical pony who belongs to Cinderella. She is voiced by Melissa Fahn.


She was given to Cinderella as a wedding present by the Fairy Godmother.


Bibbidy is a white pony with powder blue hooves, pearl pink inner-ear, and light blue eyes. She has a fluffy, baby pink slightly curled mane and a very puffy tail, held by a glittery blue ribbon. On her shoulder is her light blue paw mark. Normally, she wears a blue collar with pearls and a powder blue bow at the middle to match her harness and ruffled cape. On her head is a metallic blue tiara resembling the pumpkin carriage, adorned by two pink gems, along with blue earrings.


She's a helpful pony in all the land, she loves doing chores and keeping everything nice and tidy. Bibbidy usually plans out everything beforehand- she especially likes to plan parties, along with getting hugs from Cinderella.


  • Her name comes from Fairy Godmother's song: "Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo".