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Bianca is a white Norwegian Forest cat kitten with blue eyes and a pink nose who belongs to Elsa.


Elsa was looking for Olaf and Elsa heard his laugh and soon follows the noise to Olaf playing with a little kitten and laughing because the kitten was purring on him Elsa asked Olaf where did he find this cute kitten as she was petting the soft kitten he said that she was walking down the snow. Elsa said that she and him would keep her. Elsa and Olaf took care of her ever since.


Bianca is light blue with ice blue eyes. Her tail is light purple. Her crown has All five spirits. Her collar is pearled with all five spirtit's as well. A blue Tail bow as well, along with the same color paw mark

She has the same hair as Elsa's and freckles