Bayou is Lily's best friend

Bayou is a regal pony who is very prim and proper. When she hears music from a Mardi Gras parade, she can't wait to join in the fun! She is voiced by Jeannie Elias.

How Bayou and Tiana metEdit

Bayou lived in the tiny country of Maldonia until Prince Naveen's parents brought her to New Orleans to live with Princess Tiana. At first, Bayou was nervous about being in a big, crowded city. But Tiana soon made Bayou feel right at home and showed her all around the magical city. Now Bayou loves New Orleans, but she loves Princess Tiana even more!


  • In the Palace Pets App, She is in a different petition.
  • She appears in the Disney Palace Pets App.
  • She appeared in the Whisker Haven episodes: Mustang out and A day at the Spa.
  • Quotes: please, insist me with a parade costume.
  • Getting a Bath: you are most definitely a artist.
  • Being Brushed:
  • Eating: Maybe just something to nibble on.
  • Getting Dressed: Thank You Kindly!

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